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Supporting you and your family from pregnancy to postpartum.


As a mama of five babies, I have seen firsthand the impact of motherhood on my own life. The whirlwind of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum took me by storm! I had a tribe around me including amazing midwives, doulas, my husband, and friends that walked with me through highs and lows the accompanied my journey. It is now my honor to walk with other families through their own winding paths leading to parenthood. Together we get to celebrate the rite of motherhood and growing families. Being a doula is a treasured role that I aim approach with honor and humility as I enter into the unique story of each family. Your birth is your own. You should be seen, heard, and loved through it.

Fun facts about me:

I love the outdoors. I connect to the Lord most often in nature.

I drink a lot of coffee and tea, like too much.

Cooking brings me joy. Baking sourdough is my latest project.

I love to craft, most often through fiber arts.

Slowly by slowly I am working my way through classic literature.

I am blessed to home educate my kids.



When we meet up, your consultation is always free. If you choose me as your doula I am committed to you and your family throughout your entire pregnancy and postpartum. I will be available to provide you with emotional and physical support, as well as guiding you through making every decision ahead regarding birth and parenting with evidence based information.

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Take time to think through every detail of what you want your birth to look like. Ask questions, process your options and write it all down. When our time is finished you will walk away with a plan that is unique to you.


Whether you need help breastfeeding, a good nap, meal preparation, clean laundry put away, someone to help with older children, or light housework I can fill in the gaps. Postpartum Support is tailored to your needs. Postpartum is a time to rest, and nourish yourself and your baby while you bond, but it isn't always easy. I am here to help you make the most of your first six weeks after the birth of your little one.  

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Your body is doing amazing things to prepare for the birth of your baby. Why not treat yourself to nourishing blends of loose leaf tea that are curated to bring vitality and support to your amazing journey. Currently I offer: Fertility Tea, Pregnancy Tea, Lactation Tea, Rest Easy Tea.


Giving birth is as natural and purposeful as breathing. Women have lost the generational wisdom of how to give birth well. It is my goal in working with parents that they would see the ability to birth and support healthy birth within themselves. I use evidence based information to help families prepare for the experience of giving birth with confidence. Using some new tools to unlock the wisdom that they already have.

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“Hannah shared her kind heart and comforting spirit when I needed these most. Working with her felt easy and natural, like seeking the support of a knowledgeable and empathetic long-time friend. Her encouragement and belief in my ability to have a healthy pregnancy and labor experience came across every time we spoke, despite the challenge of meeting virtually up until the labor. Being pregnant and giving birth during the global pandemic seemed to magnify my fears and need for information and empowerment in the medical setting, and she responded to my needs with insight and offered resources and encouragement any time I needed it. It is clear that Hannah is meant to do this work. I would recommend Hannah to my closest friends and greatly appreciate the support she has given me.”



"Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear"

Jane Weidman


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